Buff napin's shed.

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29. he/him genderqueer vvoman. a chronically ill mandrake trying to pass the time, meet new people, & make a log of his good days. ft Worcester the Teacup Snail. 🐌🌱

sometimes I stream on twitch.

under construction.

  • plan to add:
  • ﹞blog-type page.
  • ﹞actually format my art gallery✓
  • ﹞stop that flicker when pages load.
  • ﹞guestbook✓
  • ﹞Vtuber dev page✓
  • ﹞volume slider for music player THAT WORKS✓
  • ﹞interactive image landing menu.
  • ﹞credits page✓
  • ﹞...
  • I am still scavenging html code to cobble together.

    *shakes my bag of snacks at you* go look at these people's very cool sites!
    hog click to visit cepheus