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i decided to start streaming on twitch sometime in 2022. it took a year to actually git the 'go live' button & I'm very much just at the starting line. in thinking of what to be I turned to the radish I had been drawing myself as for 3 years, which was inspired by my childhood digimon oc. Rootmon became Napin. for the humanoid form I toyed with a few ideas but settled quickly on the disgruntled gardener I am today.
enjoy my various ideas/plans/development sketches.

behind the curtain.

so you want the horrors huh?

Stream avatar rough pitch
Napin alt outfit
Napin Full outfit
Napin casual
Napin toggles
fan alt for Sprinklesona
fan alt for WyrmWorld
playing with CSP symmetry
drawn for a family portrait I couldn't be in
fashion requires a skeleton
dev of my banner
I often forget I have a desk over my bed
the void freed me
the void took me
pain in OBS audio
expression exploration
early dev work for wait screen
early dev work for model
early dev work inspo board
toyed with the idea of being a beefy man
initial more 'anime' style model
2022 av
winter av
2021 av
original digimon av
my old mascot/persona
earliest mascot drawing
the original digimon character